Today is a good day

Passed both PDL Round 4 and Duality Round 5!


Duality Round 5

Finally compiled all the pages into Flash and uploaded it!

I’m still alive, guys!

Just trying to finish my entry.
Have a preview!

Ask my muse questions about their relationship with another character.

Ask the Merchant's Son: [Hey dudes and dudettes, just wondering what you guys are planning for...


[Hey dudes and dudettes, just wondering what you guys are planning for round 5/event 6 because I’m at a toss up between having Nina go to Castelia to save Flea and gather information of who killed her brother, or have her go to Dragon Spiral Tower to summon Zekrom and get revenge against…

80% positive that Esmer will most likely be going to Dragonspiral because he has no interest in the business of thieves and he needs to stay as far away from the Rangers as possible.

Lucian's Ask Blog


Hey guys, I’ve set up a brand new ask blog for my Distortion character, Lucian! If you’re also in this OCT, come and follow it!

Posting this here as well

   miss-sleepy-head asked:
I am silently hoping Laz doesn't go down the same route as Majora did and y'know what I mean. Any possible deaths coming up?

Although his actions are pretty terrible right now, there’s more to Laz than you think. I’ve just been holding off on his backstory until the later rounds. 

And while my characters have been surprisingly unscathed so far, that won’t last for much longer. Saying anything more would be a spoiler though. ;)

got any questions regarding my characters/story ideas/whatever? ask me shit






i’ve always wanted to start one of these things and i know i’ve got friends with great characters and stories and such and i’m sure they have people just as curious about them!

im still doing dis

Oh oh oh oh I wanna do this too!

This will be a fun thing to do. :>

Oh hell I’ll bite

*adds to ask hoard*

*trying to actually send out asks to people this time in an attempt to not be terrible*



I passed!


Since there was the family meme going around, I made a crude family tree.

The characters with red dots are the ones who have been in an OCT.

Relevant. Esmer has quite a legacy ahead of him!